Staying overnight at a music festival is a lot of fun. Camping out, enjoying music around the clock, and being with thousands of others who want to do the same is a one of a kind experience that you won’t get anywhere else outside of a music festival. It’s an amazing thing when it all goes smoothly.

Part of making sure that this happens is making sure that you’re prepared. This really falls into two categories: being aware of the festival policies and bringing the right supplies along with you. We’ll cover equipment down below.

As far as festival policies go, this one is pretty easy to cover. Most of the big overnight festivals have their policies covered in detail online. Check out the festival’s website to make sure that there are no surprises or things that will be problematic for you. Some festivals only allow camping overnight if you have a separate pass or purchase a camping license. If the festival you’re headed to has these stipulations, make sure that your bases are covered ahead of time so that you are not running into issues or disappointments at the last minute.

If you’ve never stayed overnight a music festival before, what are you waiting for? Some people have reservations about this because of privacy, but you need to remember here that everyone’s in the same boat. Think of it like camping out at the coolest overnight party that you’ve ever been to. Now, you have a decent idea of what it’s like to set up a tent at a major music festival.

What to Bring

Enjoying your festival time is important. When you’re outdoors, having the right gear with you to stay comfortable is not just a big part of having a good time, but also for staying healthy and happy. If it’s cold or rainy and you don’t have the right things with you to keep comfortable, things like hypothermia become serious health concerns. Your festival experience can quickly shift from fun to an emergency.

Your tent will be a vital piece of gear. You can bring a lightweight hiking kit if that’s what you enjoy, but one of the pleasures of festival camping is that you can be a bit more luxurious if you wish. Spending some extra cash on a fancy, comfortable tent might be a good move if you are looking for this type of experience. Again, what you decide on will be determined by your personal needs and desires. Just think it through so you can give yourself and your friends the best experience possible.

The gear you bring will ultimately be determined by where you are, the forecasted weather, and the time of year it is. For example, a festival in the dead of summer will necessitate different gear than an early spring or late fall festival will. Also, your geography will help you to determine what to bring. Fall weather can be unpredictable in some parts of the country.

Getting caught out in the elements can be a nasty part of festival going—but only if you’re unprepared. Bring rain gear, a change of clothes, and the right overnight tent for the season. If you’re dressed right and have the right gear, staying overnight at a festival will be a lot of fun no matter what the weather decides to do.

Finally, some festivals have very specific rules regarding what you can and cannot bring when it comes to camping gear. For example, propane stoves tend to be prohibited at most festivals, even though this is something that you would likely bring with you if you were camping out in the backwoods.